Have you ever craved chocolate so much that you decide to search images of chocolate-covered fruits? Well I have. And I’ve messed them up as well. Here I will give you tips of what NOT to do, and what TO do when preparing this simple snack! Believe me, out of pure experience, I’m sure that what you’re going to read is going to be a huge advantage when you prepare this seemingly simple snack!

My name is Mai, and I’m going to be posting alongside my mother on this blog. I’m 15, so I’m still learning about cooking, and that includes a lot of ‘fails’ in my cooking.

Yes, yes, believe it or not I messed up a simple recipe: Chocolate Strawberries! Well, I’m here to give you a few tips of how to not mess up these normally delicious fruits; along with that, I’ve included a successful recipe.

Anyways, to start things off, I’ll be going through what I’ve done wrong, and what I’ll DEFINITELY be doing better.

For starters, we all know that if water comes into contact with melted chocolate, the chocolate will start to clump together, am I right? Well, I was well aware of that, however, I kind of disregarded it.

In this article I’ll be showcasing what I’ve done wrong, and sharing with you what I’ve learned from the past experience, and what I had to alter in order to receive a better product. Ready? Here we go!


Having cravings of chocolate-covered strawberries had me scrambling for ingredients to perform the recipe. Oh no, I didn’t search up a recipe online, I winged it. I didn’t have the correct ingredients, but I figured they would do.

The process was simple: first I melted semisweet chocolate in a bowl set above a pan of hot water. The chocolate turned out PERFECTLY melted; it was creamy and smooth.

I then pulled out an ice cube mold and took a spoon and poured chocolate into one of the cube molds. After I did so, I ran to the fridge and pulled out a bag of frozen strawberries. You’re probably wondering: “Why frozen strawberries?”, well, we didn’t have any fresh ones in the house so I had to make do.

Running back, I pull out a WET, water-coated strawberry out of the bag and dipped it into the chocolate. It looked perfect! I was so ecstatic! Since I still had chocolate left in that one cube, I dipped another strawberry into the same cube. Well, let’s say it was NOT very successful. The chocolate wouldn’t stick to the strawberry in ANY way. It just kept slipping off of the wet fruit. To make things even better, the chocolate in the cube hardened. Fail #1.

Knowing that I’m a very persistent person, I repeated the same process until I had a few strawberries on the plate. There wasn’t much chocolate left, so of course I took a few strawberries and used my fingers to spread the chocolate around the strawberry. It worked! But left me with some VERY chocolatey fingers.

Not knowing any better, I placed the strawberries into the freezer. 30 minutes later, the strawberries were so hard that I couldn’t even take a bite. Fail #2.

Thus comes the cleaning process. Us chefs, we all know that cleaning is the MOST boring part of cooking. Tis’ the life of a chef.

Looking down in the sink, I see the ice cube tray of doom looming before me. Its small tiny cubes are full of hardened chocolate. My large hands plus large sponge cannot possibly clean the tiny cubes in a short period. A whole 20 minutes pass before I rid the tray of chocolate. Fail #3.

Although there were many mistakes that came out of this trial, I’ve learned much from my past experience and have done much better! Here comes the greater story:


With all of the mistakes that I made previously, I finally redeemed myself while using the right materials and ingredients. I guarantee that this method will not pose as a problem if followed correctly, for I had no problems performing it.

Here’s the recipe that I’ve altered and researched into, to make sure that this recipe is the one for you:


Fresh strawberries with stems, washed and dried VERY well.
Semisweet chopped chocolate chips (so they melt quicker)
  1. Pour the chocolate into a bowl and place over simmering hot water. Make sure the water does not come into contact with the chocolate. Stir until chocolate is fully melted and smooth.
  2. Have a pan lined with parchment or wax paper at the ready.
  3. Holding by the stem, take the strawberries and dip into the bowl, rolling until strawberry is fully covered. Lift and twist until all excess chocolate falls back into the bowl.
  4. Gently place the strawberries onto the parchment-lined pan.
  5. For garnish, dip a spoon in the leftover chocolate and drizzle over the already-covered strawberries.
  6. Set aside for 30 minutes.
  7. Enjoy!

You see, now my strawberries are perfect! And yours will be too if you use these three tips:

  1. Do NOT use frozen strawberries. PERIOD. If you wish to harden the chocolate for later, you won’t be able to take a bite out of the strawberry. It’s also wet, which isn’t good for the chocolate.
  2. When dipping the strawberry, don’t use ice cube trays! It is VERY difficult to wash. Took me about 20 minutes to rid the whole tray of chocolatiness.
  3. Don’t freeze the chocolate-dipped strawberries, instead leave it outside, or refrigerate for the chocolate to harden.

What a satisfying end! Now you have perfect chocolatey strawberries, and I’ve redeemed myself. Nice, huh? However, I can always improve the recipe. Feel free to leave any tips, or comments in the comment box. I’m definitely open to tips and help from you!

Thanks for stopping by! 😀